Join Me in Re-making a Legend from Scratch

Hey, artists and comic fans! I’m Nik Axe, a comic artist, and I’m excited to take you on my journey of illustrating a new Conan comic book. Conan, the legendary barbarian, has come into the public domain, and I’m teaming up with The Fourth Age Comics to bring you an epic comic book full of monsters, sorcery, and intrigue.

Sharing the Art Process

I’ll be documenting the entire process of creating the comic book on my website and YouTube channel. Additionally, I’m hosting all my YouTube content on my website, and on the site, you’ll find even more behind-the-scenes content and a blog called “Creator’s Journal.” Where you’ll get exclusive access to sketches, production files, brushes, templates, and much more.

Revealing My Secrets: Creator’s Journal

In the Creator’s Journal, I’ll dive deeper into the creative process, share my inspirations, challenges, and techniques. As an artist myself, I want to foster a community of artists and fans who love Conan and the fantasy genre as much as I do. The blog will give you a glimpse into my creative process, and I hope it’ll inspire you to create your own art.

Pushing the Boundaries of Comics

The Conan comic book will be nothing short of epic. I’m pushing the boundaries of comics with the art and storytelling. You can expect stunning visuals, intricate details, and dynamic action sequences. This comic book is for anyone who loves Conan, fantasy, and comics.

I’m thrilled to embark on this adventure of creating a Conan comic book, and I want you to join me on this journey. As an artist or a comic fan, you’ll get exclusive access to my creative process, tips, and tricks. Let’s re-make a legend together.