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Illustrating the CROM Comic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Creative Process

The Journey of an Artist in the World of Comics

Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! I’m Nik Axe, a passionate artist with a love for comics. I’m thrilled to share my recent experience working on an exciting project – the King comic for a small publisher. This thrilling story follows Old King’s transition to Young King, our main character, as he travels through a portal and unintentionally possesses his younger self. In this blog post, I’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes journey through my creative process, as I lay out 24 pages in just a few days.

The Artistic Process: Balancing Detail and Storytelling

Throughout the project, I use different pencils to avoid getting lost in detail, knowing that I will refine the design later. The comic delves into the intriguing concept of King’s sudden transformation and the implications of possessing his younger self. As an artist, I strive to bring this engaging story to life with dynamic visuals and a smooth narrative flow.

Crafting Compelling Panels: Tension and Suspense in Page Six

On page six, I create three dynamic panels that depict King’s confrontation with a demon woman. The tension between the characters is palpable as they engage in a verbal battle. I skillfully frame the scene to emphasize the demon woman’s power and heighten the suspense, ensuring that each panel captures the reader’s attention.

Creating Seamless Visual Narratives: The Art of Page Layouts and Transitions

As I move on to page seven, I design a sequence of five panels that continue the characters’ interactions. I experiment with various angles and shots, effectively keeping readers engaged and maintaining a sense of progression in the narrative. I resize and adjust the panels to create visual interest, ensuring a smooth flow in the story. This attention to detail results in a dynamic and visually appealing comic.

Perfecting the Art of Movement: Animation Key-frames and Character Poses

In part five, I focus on refining the comic panels to achieve a natural progression. I reposition dialogue bubbles and carefully consider the characters’ poses and angles, using animation key-frames as a source of inspiration. This meticulous process ensures that the story unfolds seamlessly and captures the audience’s imagination.

The Dedication of an Artist and an Invitation to Join the Journey

Throughout the project, I work diligently to balance the composition of each panel, taking into account the characters’ placement to avoid confusion for the reader. My dedication to my craft shines through, making the King comic an exciting and engaging visual experience for readers.

As I wrap up the session, I plan to pause the stream and continue working on the comic later, inviting the audience to join me in the next installment of my creative journey. I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at my artistic process, and I encourage you to stay tuned for more updates on the King comic!

CROM: The Destroyer - Cover Illustration
Cover Illustration

CROM: The Destroyer - Volume #1

Page 6 of CROM: The Destroyer Chapter 2
Layout of Comic Page #6

CROM: The Destroyer - Volume #1

Layout of Comic Page #7

CROM: The Destroyer - Volume #1