Studio - Nik Axe
Studio – Nik Axe 2023-05-08

( Complete with Lupé, his self-satisfied cat. )

Welcome to my Art Mentorship program, where I offer a tailored and personalized experience to help students achieve higher quality artwork. My approach is designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual, whether you are a beginner just starting your journey or an intermediate artist striving to reach the next level.

My focus is on the art process, which is essential for developing a strong foundation and building skills. During the mentorship, I provide art demos that showcase different techniques and offer paint-overs of artists’ work to highlight areas that need improvement. I work with each student to develop a plan that best suits their needs and goals, which is essential for ensuring that they receive the best possible guidance and support.

Sessions are conducted over video chat and screen-sharing, which allows for real-time interaction and feedback. This approach ensures that the student gets the full benefit of my expertise and feedback, which helps them grow and develop their skills. Additionally, students can review the recorded sessions at their convenience, which helps to reinforce what they have learned and to continue building their skills.

My mentorship program is also designed to help students build a portfolio that showcases their work and skill level. This is essential for getting hired, whether it’s for freelance work, internships, or even full-time positions. By the end of the mentorship, students will have an impressive portfolio that highlights their abilities and demonstrates their potential.

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