Order Cancellation and Returns

What if my order isn’t delivered? (missing package)
Refer to the section What if my order isn’t delivered? (missing package) on the FAQ page.

Cancellations: Unfulfilled Orders (not yet shipped)
Unless stated otherwise on the product page of the affected items, you may submit a request to cancel your unfulfilled orders and receive a refund. IMPORTANT: your order must be unfulfilled in order to be canceled.

Returns: Fulfilled Orders (shipped or delivered)
Fulfilled orders have already been shipped. In this case, you may return the undamaged merchandise once received and request a refund within 30 days of receipt. In order to preserve the quality of the merchandise, please do not open the package. If you did open the package, please do not open any sealed merchandise. See the section Contents & Damages below for assistance with damaged merchandise and incorrect items.

Certain products on the web store, have their own cancellation policy. The cancellation policy on individual product pages supersedes the general guidelines provided on the present page.

What Happens Next?

  1. Use our Support Form with the order number of the order you would like to cancel or return.
  2. If your order is unfulfilled, we will proceed with the cancellation and refund. If your order is fulfilled, we will reply with instructions to return the undamaged merchandise for a refund within 30 days of receipt.
  3. Once the cancellation request has been processed, and the returned merchandise has been confirmed as received at our warehouse, a refund will be issued. Your financial institution may take a few days to complete the refund request. Similarly, in the event of a replacement request (versus a refund), the replacement merchandise will ship once the original merchandise is confirmed as received at our warehouse.

Click our Support Form to request an order cancellation.

Shipping Fees and Restocking Fees
Customer may incur shipping fees or restocking fees when returning merchandise to our warehouse.

Abuse of our Return Policy
Individuals who abuse or exploit our return policy may lose the ability to purchase on our various web stores.

Contents and Damages

Upon receipt of your order from The Official Nik Axe :: ONLINE, please inspect all contents to confirm you have received the correct items and that there are no damages. Though we take the greatest care in packing and shipping your items to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition, damage during shipment can occur.

In the event that you receive an incorrect or damaged item from our store please use our Support Form within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt and be sure to save all of the packing material. Any item that is to be replaced must first be returned to the warehouse of the official Nik Axe :: ONLINE warehouse at the address listed below. We ask that no additional damage be made to the item when it is returned (i.e. bending, folding, etc).

You will be requested to provide photos of the damaged merchandise, including the packaging. For issues with the wrong item(s), you will be requested to provide photos of the incorrect merchandise. Sending photos accelerates the process of assessing the issue and replacing your merchandise.

Please be advised that some items are available in such limited quantities that replacements may not be possible. Such cases will be handled on an individual basis.

The following address is for use for web
store related business only. It is not a retail location.

Nik Axe :: ONLINE

(C.O. Nicholas Acs)
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