Struggling to find art collectors to buy your work? For over a decade Axe was involved in the advertising/marketing world building marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. He’s since directed his experience into the online art sales world. Learn how to build your brand, develop a presence online, and find art collectors who would be happy to buy your work.

A partial list of the topics covered within this Mentorship*:

  • Developing Your Brand
    • Identify Your Unique Offering
    • Research Your Art Collectors
    • Identify Desires/Pains of Your Art Collectors
    • Create Profiles of Your Art Collectors
  • Messaging
    • Identify Goals for Your Messaging
    • Structure a Frame/Lens that Compliments Your Brand
    • Generate Content Ideas
    • Craft a Voice that Compliments Your Frame and Brand
  • Leveraging Technology
    • Email Lists
    • Personal Website
    • Social Networks
    • Identifying Groups/Hashtags
    • Creating Your Own Community
    • Converting Visitors into Art Sales

*Not all topics will, nor can, be covered in a single block.